About the Conference

The 2013 Access Group Graduate & Professional Financial Aid Conference promises to continue the strong tradition of education and professional development our attendees have come to expect. With our all-volunteer planning committee made up of deans, directors and financial aid counselors from across the country, you can count on a robust and relevant list of concurrent sessions and enlightening general sessions to keep you engaged, informed, and excited to apply what you’ve learned.

Conference Planning Committee

The Conference planning process begins with our all-volunteer planning committee selection. We are fortunate to have a group of administrators with a wide variety of experience, differing disciplines and backgrounds, and various roles and responsibilities within their institutions. It is because of their leadership and hard work that we are able to provide you with the best educational experience.

Lynette Lorenzetti (Chair)
Associate Director of Financial Planning
Elon University

Tarin Almanzar
Director of Financial Aid and Admissions
Columbia University, The Journalism School

Bryant Anderson
Senior Director of Student Services
Illinois College of Optometry

Kyle Cronan
Assistant Director of Graduate Business Financial Aid
Washington University in St. Louis – Olin School of Business

Susan Gudin
Director of Financial Aid
Yale School of Medicine

Meme Jeffries
Director of Financial Aid
University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Charles (Chuck) Roboski
Assistant Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid
Michigan State University College of Law

Brad Russo
Associate Director of Financial Aid
Georgetown University Law Center

Faye Shealy
Associate Dean for Admissions
William & Mary Law School

About Access Group

Access Group is a nonprofit membership organization comprised of 192 state and nonprofit American Bar Association-accredited U.S. law schools.

Founded in 1983, Access Group’s mission has centered on the promotion of broad access to higher education. From providing an array of student loan options to educational programs for students and schools to student loan policy advocacy, Access Group has continually evolved to meet the ever-changing challenges and needs of the graduate and professional school community.

Throughout its history, Access Group became a leading provider of affordable student loans for aspiring professionals in law, medicine, dentistry, health, business, and other disciplines. As such, Access Group served as a national originator, holder and servicer of Federally-guaranteed and private loans, funding more than $18 billion of educational loans since 2001.

In recent years, legislative and economic events have minimized Access Group’s role as an originator of student loans, creating the opportunity to focus more heavily on the development of our Wise Borrower© financial literacy program, particularly for student borrowers. Moreover, investments in Need Access©, our web-based needs analysis tool that assists schools with efficiently awarding grant and scholarship aid, provides another example of this evolution.

For nearly 30 years, Access Group has been fulfilling its service-driven mission to further access to higher education. It looks forward to adding to that successful legacy for decades to come.

Americans with Disabilities Act
If you require special materials or services as covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please e-mail us at conference@accessgroup.org by Monday, November 4, 2013.