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Paying for School

So, you’re ready to pursue a graduate or professional degree. Congratulations!

We know you’re excited about this new phase in your life. But we also know you might be worried about how to pay for your education.

An advanced degree is an important investment in yourself. You’ll be putting in the time, the energy, the hard work (and yes, the money) now so that your future will be successful.

How you finance your education will impact your financial future and the lifestyle you can afford once you graduate.

It’s important to be well-informed about your options and to get your finances in order from the start. You have a lot of control over this investment. You decide how hard to work, how much to study, how much you participate in class.

You also have financial controls. You choose how much you’re going to spend for things like housing, food and entertainment. The less you spend, the less you have to borrow…and the less you have to repay.

Let’s get started.

In order to figure out how you’re going to pay for school, start by finding answers to the following questions. (No worries – we’ll help guide you to the answers.)